60-Foot (18.3-Meter) System

Downlink S-band X-band
Frequency   Range: 2200-2400 MHz 8000-8500 MHz
Polarization: RHC and LHC RHC and LHC
G/T: >28.3dB/K >38.5 dB/K
Beamwidth: 0.5 deg 0.13 deg

Antenna Pointing Control: 
Program track, S-band Autotrack, S/X-band Steptrack

Uplink S-band
Frequency Range: 2025-2120 MHz
polarization Selectable RHC or LHC
Beamwidth: .5 deg
EIRP: >80 dBW
Transmitter: 2000W Klystron

CCSDS Compliant:
Command, Ranging, Doppler, annd Telemetry, including Turbo, Convolutional and Reed-Solomon decoding; SLE